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How do you do it?

We pick up discontinued, end-of-roll and remnant pieces of turf left over from recent installs.

Is the artificial turf you sell new?

All our Turf is brand new and unused, it is simply an earlier generation turf or pieces of turf left over from fresh installs

How deep are the discounts?

Very deep. Up to 80% in most cases. These are pieces of turf that would otherwise sit in a warehouse collecting dust. That is how we are able to purchase and re-sale the product at ridiculously low prices.

Do you only sell turf on Amazon​.com?

No, we are also happy to take direct orders over the phone. Often new turf comes in or very unusual sizes or quantities show up that are not listed on Amazon.com, we can take orders over the phone and deliver direct. Currently we simply use Amazon to sell online to make the turf easy to find for the most people.

What brands of turf do you sell?

We sell very high quality brands, however as part of the deal to sell the products so cheaply we are not allowed to advertise the specific brand or brands.

Are you based in the United States?

Yes, we are based in Southern California and ship from there as well. We are a completely U.S. company.

Deeply discounted turf we need to move FAST. Call for our latest inventory 877-886-5200

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Pet Turf

Discount Turf for Pets

Some turf drains better than others, the best draining artificial turf is for pets and we have plenty of odd sizes and discontinued product.

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How Do We Do It?

Discount Turf Warehouse

We get discontinued, end-of-roll and remnant turf that is taking up space and sell at blow-out prices.

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